Monday, February 28, 2011

The Polo Sweater Theory: food for thought pt 1

just a little somethin my best friend shared with me yesterday:

men [and women, too, i guess] will be in need of dope clothing to keep them warm. so they'll go to TJ Maxx or Filene's (these aren't rich men, i guess lol) and lo and behold: a dope ass Polo sweater. it's classic. it's timeless. it's expensive. but it's quality. however, they'll put it on layaway. they'll put that minimum amount of money down to start it up. and they'll put the minimum down per month - just enough to keep it going. just enough so that no one else can see, let alone buy, the sweater.

in the meantime, he [or she] still needs to put SOMETHIN on. so he'll go over to the bargain bin and grab a Polo tshirt for $5. it's still Polo. even though it's not warm. it has way less swag potential. and really the only thing making it barely acceptable is the Polo horse stitched on the side. but whatever. who are we to judge.

so what happens to the Polo sweater? maybe he eventually buys it. maybe he misses a payment and it goes back on the racks (i don't fuckin know how layaway works). maybe someone catches a glimpse of it while paying for something else and decides it's dope enough to steal and buy it NOW. who knows.

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