Monday, February 28, 2011

food for thought pt 2

this may ruffle some feathers. i look forward to it.

i was watching a Black in America special on CNN about Debt. interestingly enough, the whole episode was equally about church because Blacks are the most religious/faithful people in America (that's a real statistic - i kinda woulda thought it was Mexicans, but i guess not).

anyhoo. the common theme throughout the episode was that whatever wasn't understood at the moment was put "in God's hands." so it would seem to me that knowledge/information is directly correlated to what gets put in God's hands. and maybe the more you know, the less you have to take out of your own hands.

what say you?

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  1. What's interesting about this is I think the black culture and religion (christians) is the only one that involve money in religion.....ppl put their life's earnings/savings into the church. Also with that being said yes we are to put our worries and troubles in God's hand but many fail to realize that you also have to work on yourself without work.....WE tend to throw it all in God's hands and leave it there and then wonder why we are in the same spot. We as a people must seek to educate ourselves and rely less on what OTHERS tell us to believe.