Tuesday, February 16, 2010

domestic abuse

disclaimer: this post will depart from the usual money cars clothes hoes fuckery; i apologize in advance.

apparently i would be hard pressed to find a lesbian who has not been a part of some sort of domestic foolery with her girlfriend. this is not me passing judgment. this is not me saying that i've never gone to Crobar, double fisted Moet and Patron for free thanks to Missy the bartender, come home in my skinny jeans and Coach sneakers, and slapped an unwanted house guest because she was reluctant to leave. this is not me being unable to recognize that to err is human. and to forgive is divine. but forgiving doesn't mean staying with or going back to her. this isn't me telling you what to do either. but it is me saying that, in my 28 years, no woman that i have ever loved* has ever punched me, choked me, muffed me, slapped me, kicked me, stomped me out... nothing. it is possible to keep it cute and respectable even when you're so mad you could spit fire. this isn't me implying that if she hits you she doesn't love you, either.

this is merely me saying that though it may have happened to you before, and the majority of women that you know... it doesn't happen to everyone and it doesn't have to happen to you again. #weoffthat #ontothenext

*there was that one time my mom choked me up against the bathroom wall when she found out i forged her name on something for school... but i digress.

they look nice and carefree here.
but you and i know what went down in that limo!